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Introducing both owners and animals to any sort of training regime early on will be of great benefit for you both. Not only will the health and general well being of both improve greatly, but introducing training as early and gradually as possible ensures that the animal will find the training unobtrusive and enjoyable, which will in turn cause your dog to be more open minded towards training methods.

Here are just some of the treatments and training services that are provided by our qualified and experienced animal behavioral expert;

Sound Therapy (For dogs scared of loud noises, or working dogs)
Anxiety Therapy
Separation Anxiety Treatment
CBD Oil Treatment
Puppy Training
Obedience Training
Agility Training
Vocational Training (for working dogs)
Boredom Treatment
Bolting Training
Non-Aggression Training
Fear Of Dogs
Desensitisation Training

Please feel free to get in contact with our behaviorist expert HERE if you have any queries or questions and to inquire more about pricing.